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Meaning of a ringtone

A Ringtone means a short audio recording whose primary purpose is to notify the user of an incoming call or message on a device. Can also be defined as a sound generated by a telephone to indicate an incoming call. This means that it’s both music and sound effects. This has evolved from the standard bell sound of the common corded telephone and the beeping tones from cordless and early cellular phones.

User means a person who has ordered from the Licensee a Ringtone for a Device, or the intended recipient of the Ringtone where that person is different from the person who ordered the Ringtone.

Free refers to something that has been made available to be used by the users. In this case the music is licensed and made available to be used by the users.

Download is to move information or something from the internet to the computer. Basically, its moving music from the internet to the mobile phone, for purposes of serving as a ringtone one must activate it. Learn more about ringtones .

free ringtone download

free ringtone download

New opportunities in the digital world

The music industry has seen many technological developments and advancements in recent years. With these advancements have come new revenue opportunities for different players in the music industry. This is especially important as these new developments help compensate for lost revenues from other sources, for instance CD sales. Additionally, consumers have benefited from the many ways of obtaining music digitally or through other electronic means. One such example of this is the ringtone.

With the development of information technology it’s possible for one to download music from the internet. One can download a ringtone directly to the mobile phone or download them on the computer and transfer them later.

With the free music downloads producers have been able to market their music in an easier manner. This means that there is increased revenue. The revenue also comes up with the payment of the copyright to the owner.

For mobile phones to be able to download ringtone they must have some settings to allow downloads. This means that not all mobile phones enjoy this offer of free downloads. Some links also are used to download the ringtone tones.

Sound effects can also be regarded as ringtones. It means that sound effect are also supposed to be licensed because they fall under intellectual property of a person and has to be protected just as music is.

Copyright is the right to copy a work, specifically, a property right in an original work of authorship. The covering also includes literary, musical, dramatic or other work fixed in any tangible medium of expression, giving the holder the exclusive right to perform everything that entails in making a production successful. The ringtone can be internal. It is stored in the phone, flash or an external ringtone that means you can download it via URL which needs a server support

There are various types of free ringtone website which can easily be accessed free ringtone website – ,,,, and many more this websites are free and one can download ringtones.

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